Simple & Elegant Ways to Elevate Your Wedding – Lido Chicago Wedding Venues

Let the Lighting Do the Work
For any event, lighting is a very impactful component to consider when choosing among many Chicago wedding venues. Different sections of a wedding event require specific lighting that will create a very impactful atmosphere. Try a bit of mood lighting with a stage focus for ceremonies and speeches and some lighting action to set the mood for dancing.

Repurpose and Reuse Design Elements
There are benefits to repurposing design elements in wedding events both eco-friendly and cost-effective. For example, the wedding arch for the ceremony that is full of greenery and floral patterns can be placed at the head table at the end of the wedding ceremony. You could also use it as a photo backdrop for guests.

Get Creative with the Cocktail Menu
A good choice of cocktail could always be an attraction for guests. Whether it is a wedding, quinceanera in Chicago or for baby shower venues in Chicago, take into consideration a menu containing a couple of basic ingredients along with the preferred alcohol and garnish or a clever customized drink with a clever name choice to symbolize your story.

Get Extra Help on Your Wedding Day
It’s always suggested that you get a professional wedding planner whose main purpose is to organize and carry out your wedding events effortlessly in a proper fashion so that you don’t have to go through all the trouble. Hiring professional help is also suggested for busy planning in quinceanera banquet halls and birthday venues around Chicago.

Hire an Honest-to-Goodness Wedding Photographer
A wedding can be a very colorful event and it’s not always easy to catch up with all the moments that occur during them. Consider hiring a professional wedding photographer who will capture all the precious moments of the day from start to finish.