Quinceanera Traditions You Need To Know – Quinceanera Banquet Halls Chicago, IL

Catholic Mass 

A traditional mass for blessings over the young girl is performed in attendance with her family, before the celebration.

The Quinceanera Traditional Court

The quinceanera court is most often her closest friends. It is an event to make lifetime memories.

Father-Daughter Dance

The most important and emotional moment in any quinceanera is the dance between father and daughter.

Fiesta Occasion

A fiesta is an opportunity for guests to relax and cut loose. During the quinceanera celebration they can do this.

The Quinceanera Toast

The young girl gives the toast, significant to her as she will speak for the first time as a woman.

The Waltz

The waltz is performed during the start or middle of the event. It is a routine number but very important.

Cake Cutting 

This is a fun and memorable milestone when she and her parents cut the cake in front of guests. 

The Quinceanera Gown 

This gown is meant to be very lavish, as it is to be her first adult dress.

The Last Doll

As a last vestige of her young life, the father of the girl is given a symbolic doll as a token welcoming her to adulthood. 

High Heels

In latin culture, high heels are only worn by women, not girls, so as a gift from the parents or family members of the new woman she has become, she receives her first pair of high heels.


The earrings are a symbolic gift of faith and family, and to always keep her ears open to God speaking to her. 


As is common across many cultures, the tiara is a symbol of beauty, and in this case, beauty in God’s eyes.

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