Wedding Trends by Lido Chicago Wedding Venues

Sustainable Weddings
For the couple that wants their happy day to mean more than just the joining of two people, the newest trend is looking to a more green-friendly, philanthropic, and socially conscious wedding theme. Produce from local vendors, furniture that can be donated or reused, and the decision not to send paper invitations, plus “green” guest gifts that can inspire them to have a positive impact on the world.

Bold Colors
Step away from the traditional colors, and think vibrant. We believe weddings well transition away from the more classical color pallets, and become more bold, more spirited, and incorporate tones that speak more to the personality of the wedding party, giving your wedding a unique style that will be all your own. Lido Chicago Wedding Venues and little out-of-the-box thinking can ensure your wedding will be one of a kind.

Mystical Styling
Align those crystals, chakras, and get your aura tuned. A more mystical wedding is a larger trend in 2020. Decor that showcases the celestial, using rose quartz and tarot cards, astrological guest favors, and gowns that sparkle, can give you a very unique wedding.

Stay Authentic
The wedding is supposed to be unique. Sure, it is fine to draw inspiration from bridal magazines and wedding shows. But in the end, it is your day, and it should be all that is you, not someone else. Center the wedding around not just you, but and all those you love. Let everyone be a part of your special day, not just spectators. Call Lido Chicago Wedding Venues and we will sure it’s YOUR day!

With the help of Lido Chicago Wedding Venues and our banquet halls in Chicago, every event is unique. It doesn’t matter if you need baby shower venues, quinceanera banquet halls, or birthday venues in Chicago.