How To Plan A Wedding Without A Wedding Planner – Lido Chicago Wedding Venues

A wedding is a rite that marks the start of a marriage, and because everyone wants everything to be flawless, they frequently hire a wedding planner. However, you can still make your dream wedding possible without having a wedding planner by following the planning tips from Lido Banquets and Chicago Wedding Venues!

Get Yourself a Wedding Planner Binder
Planner binders are used to create worksheets, to-do lists, checklists, calendars, advice, wedding etiquette, and FAQs. It will also assist you in maintaining contact with all of your vendors.
Download The Best Wedding Planning Apps Available
Wedding planning apps can let you stay organized. These are particularly useful for visual or audible reminders, something a physical wedding planner book cannot provide.

Set a Budget
Budget grounds you in reality and denotes what you can accomplish with the funds and resources you hold and prevent you from falling in love with a dress, photographer, cake, or wedding venues in Chicago—only to find out you can’t afford it. Budgeting comes first before diving into the planning process.

Select a Location
The venue influences almost everything in the budget: the décor, the number of guests, the cuisine, the banquet halls, your wedding theme and colors, and so on, so start looking for a location as soon as you have your budget ready. If finding an elegant venue, count us in Lido Banquets and Chicago Wedding Venues. Our place serves as one of Chicago’s go-to wedding venues – may it be a wedding celebration, a baby shower, a birthday, a quinceanera, and so much more. We can also make it as sweet 16 rental halls or quinceanera banquet halls in Chicago.

Make a couple of guest lists.
The number of guests you invite will have a significant impact on the cost, the amount of food you’ll need for the banquets, the number of wedding favors you’ll require, the banquet hall in Chicago, and much more.