How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Chicago, IL

Deciding on your Chicago wedding venue requires thorough research and planning. Plan ahead so you can get the best venue or banquet hall available in Chicago while early. Nine to twelve months is sufficient time for early booking.

At the early stages of planning, give it about two months for you to sift through your options. During this time, you can do light research, visit venues, and ask for recommendations. Also, decide on your budget and the guest capacity. Take the time to get a feel of what you really want to easily filter your choices and not be overwhelmed with choosing from various banquet halls in Chicago.

Aside from the venue, there is also a style or theme. We at Lido Banquets & Events offer a wide variety of options. For a natural, intimate, and rustic setting, we have a beach, garden, vineyard, and barn themes. For a more glamorous touch, we can offer a ballroom wedding in one of our banquet halls in Chicago. Whichever style you want, list down all the pros and cons of each prospect Chicago wedding venue. Be willing to compromise for last-minute changes or modifications. Once you have decided from your choices of Chicago wedding venues, it is time to request a contract, sign the papers, and get on with the rest of your wedding planning!