How to Choose Your Wedding Vendors – Chicago Wedding Venues

Have a Budget

Setting a budget should be your priority when choosing from various Chicago wedding venues. It is crucial to know your total wedding budget and how much you want to spend on vendors. Read the rundown of tips below that can help you decide how much to spend on each vendor!


How Much Of Your Wedding Budget Are You Willing To Spend On Each Vendor? 

What Do You Value More?

  • Flowers 
  • Videography 
  • Photo Booth 
  • Photography 
  • Food
  • Etc.

Discuss what you value with your fiancé. When high-quality flowers are more valuable for you than exceptional food, then adjust your vendor budget according to those things. Doing so will let you save money and turn your dream wedding into a reality.


Check Reviews

Start looking for banquet halls in Chicago and other vendors you need for your wedding after setting a budget and your priorities. Afterward, check out reviews, which is a substantial step as it could help you avoid sloppy vendors.


Recommendations From Others

When looking for a wedding banquet hall in Chicago and wedding vendors, getting recommendations from friends or family is the best way to find the best ones. Lido Wedding Venues is the leading company you can trust. Call Lido Chicago Wedding Venues so we can discuss your dream wedding today!


Customer Service

When you are finished looking for vendors, checking reviews, and getting recommendations from families and friends, you may begin communicating with the vendors who took your interest. Observe the quality of customer service they provide to determine if they are the right people to work with. How they handle a simple inquiry from their prospective clients reflects the quality of service they will provide later on. Among the things you should observe is how patient and responsive they are throughout the call. Now, you are one step ahead of finding the vendors for your wedding!