Factors that Drive Your Wedding Budget – Wedding Venues Chicago, IL

Several factors can affect the look, feel, and style of your wedding. In many ways, these factors are connected, and when planning for a wedding, particularly when choosing the best wedding venues in Chicago, consider the services being offered. Here are some of the things that can affect your wedding budget in a significant way:

Reception for Your Wedding Venue in Chicago

Your largest expense will likely be your Chicago wedding venue, and that includes the reception spot you plan to host your wedding.  

Review your costs carefully with the wedding venues, as it will be the biggest cost for your big day. You can avoid excessive costs at your wedding venue in several ways by making it a more private function. This will trim down the size of the venue itself to lower the cost.


Food, while necessary, is a major expense for your wedding day. You will need a significant menu and a good catering team to prepare your food options, and that can increase the costs, but it may be well worthwhile to impress your guests.

Decorations and Theme

Most people prefer to create a memorable wedding experience with a well-planned day full of decorations throughout your wedding venue in Chicago. There is a cost for the decorations themselves, the people to decorate the space in the theme you choose, and even to take everything down after your wedding reception is over. They can create a welcoming and enjoyable feeling for your wedding event.

Planning the Wedding

You may or may not have the budget for it, but a wedding planner can help put together the entire wedding at your wedding venue in Chicago. There is a cost for this but it may be offset by saving in other areas through the wedding planner’s services.