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Chicago Weddings and Special Events: A Photographer's Perspective

As a wedding photographer, I cannot help but be amazed by the exquisite design of Chicago buildings. The vaulted ceilings, the elegantly casted friezes along the corridors, the acoustics of the chambers, and the brilliant lighting all work together to leave such a lasting impression.Wedding Venues in Chicago are distinguished not by the food, the guests, nor the wedding that preceded it - but by the magnificent architecture of the building they are held in. It is the banquet halls that steal the show for me, they always have.


Recently, I shot a wedding at one of the popular Chicago wedding venues in Des Plaines. The many parks in the city can either be ideal locations or perfect disasters, and this is especially true in Summer. Oftentimes you'll see a luxury wedding taking place alongside a birthday party or a Bar Mitzvah on any given Saturday afternoon. But sometimes, wedding parties are lucky, and they don't have to fight for reservations for their ideal location.


In this particular wedding, the bride and groom had booked Wedding Venue at Manzo's Banquets many months in advance, and on a day that wasn't particularly crowded, so that they could enjoy their luxurious wedding reception, without feeling the pressure to end early because a Cotillion ball was booked directly after them. The best halls in the city are hot commodities, these things do happen.


But, in between shots of the newlyweds I found myself photographing the decadent woodworking along the stairwell, the tapestries hanging in the hallways, and recalling an Indian wedding I had shot the year before on the other side of Chicago, in a building just as exquisite as this one. The one thing I've discovered after years in the business, is that no matter where you are in the city, whether you aim to host your ceremony in Hyde Park or your reception in the suburbs, every one of the venues I've been to has its own unique flavor and style. Really, you can't go wrong.


When not in Chicago, I tend to prefer more intimate weddings. Ones where there are just some family and friends and an open bar. I feel like in these settings people are more able to connect with the other guests, to share stories, and to reminisce about events that happened long ago. But when I'm in Chicago, it's the weddings that are grandiose that catch my eye. Ones in buildings constructed a century ago, built as anthems to the industrial success of their age. These halls are relics of the American spirit - and Chicago is one of the last places in the country to hold onto these structural memories.


So, in my humble opinion, I would prefer to shoot a wedding in Chicago over just about anywhere else in the world. Only in Chicago will you find a banquet hall or a wedding venue that has the elements of history, the grace of beauty, and the soul of America all wrapped into one.

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